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LED Street Lighting

LEDs are the new standard for lighting solutions because of the energy efficiency they provide when compared to HPS(high pressure sodium) and MH(metal halide). Cities and municipalities can reduce electricity cost by 50% or more by using Aerialux’s LED lighting solutions. Learn more about how Aerialux is providing LED street light solutions to help cities become safer, better driving experience, better lighting ambiance and significant reduction in electricity cost. Read more...

Induction Street Lighting

Induction lamp are known for their long life between 60,000 to 100,000 hours. Induction lamps are suitable for street lights, parking areas etc. A typical 200W induction lamp can replace a 400W HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp and can last four times longer. Learn more about how Aerialux’s induction lighting solution can reduce electricity and improve lighting ambience.Read more...

Luminaires for Street Lighting

The types of luminaires we use is critical to the lighting solutions we provide to our customers. The type of luminaires we use will depend on what we are trying to achieve. Learn more about the types of luminaires we use to improve customer lighting experience.Read more...